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My content is for women who are open to real estate as a new, second, retired or part-time career. I highlight everything women can expect; both the pros and cons.

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I assure women of prompt, same-day results without any fluff or time wasted on insufficient information. I deliver the answers you've been searching for in a clear, direct manner, eliminating the need for extensive Google searches, cross-referencing, and guesswork.



I generously share my wealth of knowledge with women who are eagerly searching and praying for guidance on starting a new or second career as a Real Estate Agent. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, I offer a unique female perspective. Women can benefit from my triumphs and trials, learning from my wins and losses. There's no need to strain your brain or reinvent the wheel when you have access to my expertise.



I am fully aware of the scarcity of content specifically designed for women in the crucial decision-making phase of their real estate journey. Existing resources primarily target those who are already licensed, which may not address your current needs. My overarching strategy is to provide a master plan that enables women to thoroughly explore every facet of a real estate career before taking the leap. I encourage thoughtful consideration, wise judgment, and seeking confirmation before making any commitments.



I serve as your dedicated mentor, guiding you safely through the decision-making journey with a wealth of invaluable resources. Immerse yourself in highly focused content, insightful videos, comprehensive courses, and the transformative Reveal a Realtor quiz. These carefully crafted tools are designed to help you uncover clear-cut details and provide actionable instructions that simplify the decision-making process.

With my guidance, you will gain the confidence to make informed choices, know exactly where to start, and master the art of building your real estate business part-time. Together, we will pave the way for your success and empower you to achieve your goals in the real estate industry.

Perspectives from Women Just Like You

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! Very informative and easy to follow...I would definitely recommend Reveal A Realtor to any woman that has the inkling of becoming a Licensed Realtor." - Kari H.

A good and honest course for anybody that is considering this career path. Tranett covered every question that I had and many that I didn’t even think about. She was honest about the pros and cons and made me aware of everything that is needed to make this career possible. I very much appreciate the guidance and words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." - Misty H.

I think this course was absolutely amazing, and makes you really consider if Real Estate is the best option as a career. It also gives real life examples, so that you have
realistic expectations. I would highly recommend this course for anyone considering becoming a Realtor.

- Rakena T.

I found the 22 Questions course to be very helpful. Since I am at the beginning stages of my research into this career, it was quick, to the point, honest, and straightforward.
Definitely recommend!
- Elizabeth S.

This is not a course about HOW to become a Real Estate Agent, but it is a course to help you decide if becoming one is what you’d like to do. The course is quick and easy
to listen to, but packed with honesty about what it means to be a Real Estate Agent. I enjoyed this course and it has helped me confirm that this is a new career that I would enjoy, would build on my past experiences and be fulfilling.
- Sandy D.

Tranett, I would just like to say thank you for helping me come closer to making my decision to become a Real Estate Agent. I think your information between questions 20
and 22 may have made it even easier. Good luck in your future endeavors

as a Realtor! - Kelley H.

Very Informative!

The Reveal a Realtor course was very informative. The scenarios and the video inserts helped a lot as well. After taking this course you will know for sure whether or not you want to pursue being a Realtor full time, part time or not at all! I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a Realtor! - Rhonda L.

No Tongue Holding – "Reveal A Realtor" - This self paced online course offered by Tranett Brooks provides information that most would not even know to consider when looking into pursuing a career in real estate. The information provided within this course will help me to be better prepared for the journey ahead of me. This course provided insight on the steps I should take when I encounter certain situations and gives information on how to succeed in this profession. Thank you so much for providing so much realistic details to us wishing to enter this profession.

- Ariel H.

The Real Deal! Purchase & See…

I am a real estate agent and I wanted to take this 22 Questions course to see exactly what another agent suggested you should ask yourself. Well, I was very impressed! This course is good! It outlines exactly what you should be asking yourself before jumping into this line of work. I was amazed on the common views we both had. From my perspective, Tranett was very honest and to the point. If you are thinking of becoming a Real Estate Agent, buy this course!

- Denecia R.

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