Welcome to my vlog, sis! The goal of my vlog/blog is to “chat with you” like we’re sitting across from one another on the patio having lunch on a SUNNY afternoon! My mission is to inspire you, encourage you and empower you with experiences that you have not yet had in your new career. I will aim to post videos/articles that are relevant to your journey. I welcome you to email me directly (hello@tranettbrooks.com) with a specific question; which may become a short video to help our other sisters on this same journey!

(So, please don’t be SHY to say HI!) XOXO!

Being a Real Estate Agent is BADASS!

(I hope BADASS doesn't offend you.)  For me, it is a term of endearment to describe women that choose to become Real Estate Agents.  What does BADASS mean? According to the dictionary; BADASS means  tough, uncompromising, or impressive.  "She is so wonderful, so...

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Pass Your Real Estate Exam the Old School Way

Attend Real Estate School in Person to Pass Your Real Estate Exam What is the best way to pass your real estate exam?  I say, take the old school approach. Many women ask me which is better...going to Real Estate School online or in person by going to class?  Before I...

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How Real Estate Commission Splits Work

What Is A Real Estate Commission? According to the U.S. Department of Labor (a real estate commission) is a sum of money paid to a licensed Real Estate Agent upon completion of a transaction, usually selling or buying real estate.  In this article, I am going to break...

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Why a Career in Real Estate Is So Attractive to Women

Women want a career in real estate, because we recognize the industry is "better" when women are included.  Period.  End of post!  You like that?  LOL!  #Metoo. According to the National Association of Realtors, women make up 63% of the total number of Realtors in...

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