women in real estate


Hi!  I am Tranett Brooks.  I’m a full-time Real Estate Agent making a living from selling houses.

I’m also an Author, Speaker and Business Mentor to women in real estate.

But, most noteworthy, I play Fantasy Football (I’m good at it too! I crush my husband and his friends every year!) I am a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan (Sorry, but not sorry if this is not your team!) And, I am a Mickey Mouse fanatic! I love all things DISNEY – Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Minnie (you get where I’m going)!

When I was younger, I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I loved animals! I would have begged my mother to change my name to Doc McStuffins if she existed in the 80’s. As you can see, I am a long way from being an animal doctor. I went to college in 1994 “pretending” that I was majoring in Pre-Med. But, after Micro-Biology my first semester; I ultimately graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management.

I stumbled in the dark for nearly a decade after graduation, trying to find purpose and meaning for my life. (Seeking God for answers and direction on my career path.) I had tons of hits and misses; promising interviews, but no offers extended. Consequently, I cried many days after getting my hopes up for a “good” job with good pay and benefits (you know, that’s why they tell you to go to college in the first place)! The Lord had mercy on me (lol) and I finally landed a “real” job at a non-profit organization as a Program Director.

I was content with my salary position for about 3 years. But, thanks to late night infomercials promising how you could make TRILLIONS of dollars flipping houses with no money down; my contentment with working 9 to 5 for $37,000 a year was interrupted! Girlfriend, I was on my way to being a Trillionaire!

Fast forwarding to a land called “reality” – I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent for 10 years. My career as a Real Estate Agent allows me to enjoy a flexible schedule, unlimited income (much greater than $37k) and the FREEDOM to spend the time doing the things I love most in my life. I basically got the courage to “hire” myself! (YOU GO GIRL!)

I set out two years ago to reach back and help women who are seeking a career change into real estate. Whether you are a full-time employee, stay-at-home mom, retired, married, single, mother or no children; we all have one thing in common as women: we want more time! There are not too many careers that offer the opportunity to make your own daily schedule, allow you the freedom to take a vacation without putting in a request 6 months in advance, or let you go to your kid’s Christmas play at 1 pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Or, give you time off for your annual exams (those highly anticipated paps and mammograms that we just can’t wait to get to each year)!

Sis, we all crave FREEDOM and control of our time. We all want work/life balance! That’s why I have dedicated my website to all my sister-friends around the world that have a passion to build a real estate career. My website exists to address your need to know as much as possible about this career before you jump in head first. I provide you with truth wrapped in love. My advice is refreshingly real. And, everything I share with you will be honest and full of integrity. I was once where you are today. I understand you and your reason for wanting to make this career shift. My mission is to guide you safely throughout your decision-making journey, so that, you make the best decision for yourself regarding this career.