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(I hope BADASS doesn’t offend you.) 

For me, it is a term of endearment to describe women that choose to become Real Estate Agents.  What does BADASS mean? According to the dictionary; BADASS means  tough, uncompromising, or impressive.  “She is so wonderful, so sweet, so cool, so amazing; she’s a BADASS.”  Women Real Estate Agents are tough, uncompromising and impressive!  These girls are strong, sharp and know how to run successful businesses for themselves, their families and communities.

What does it take to be a BADASS Real Estate Agent? It requires you to be tough, uncompromising and impressive…all at the same time!

Being a Real Estate Agent Requires Toughness a/k/a Girl Power

Women Real Estate Agents learn quickly that toughness is essential to our survival in the real estate industry.  While women make up 63% of all Real Estate Agents in the United States; we are not shown preference as women.  The real estate industry does not discriminate.  We don’t get breaks from the trials and tribulations of selling real estate because we are a women.  Therefore, you’ve got to be tough.  There will be plenty of times that you will have clients that “try your LAST nerve!”

Meanwhile, you will have clients that are nervous, scared, indecisive, spoiled, impatient, that lie for no reason, are unreasonable, some that don’t listen or follow your lead and a few that you just won’t like as well as others.  However, you’ve got to be tough and versatile to work with all of these personality types!

You have to be tough when it comes time to perform your everyday real estate duties.  At times, you will show homes in unpleasant weather.  There will be days that it is pouring down raining, but your client is only available that day!  (You’ve got to invest in a cute pair of RAIN BOOTS and keep pushing!)  Depending on where you live, there will be days of extreme HEAT.  In Arkansas, our summers can get in excess of 100 degrees with humidity – YIKES!  Your hair is going to stick to your forehead, but you keep pushing! In contrast, showing homes in the winter is just as daunting.  (I dislike showing homes in the extreme cold, but I’m BADASS!)

Being a Real Estate Agent requires you to tough through situations that are beyond your control.  For example, you will have deals that will “fall through” meaning you don’t get paid for all the work you’ve invested upfront in hopes of a paycheck.  When a deal falls through…that’s tough.  It never gets easy accepting that you won’t get paid for work rendered.  But, somehow…your BADASSERY (this is a Shonda Rhimes word) KICKS IN!  As a result, you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, have a glass of wine (or, two) and realize that this is part of the business.

Unfortunately, I’ve had clients to pass away during a transaction.  Once, I had a client to get arrested and sent to jail in a totally different state right before closing.  You will have clients that get a divorce, lose their jobs or go and stupidly max out their credit cards right before closing…all causing your deal to fall through.

This requires TOUGHNESS, because situations like this hurt!

Being a Real Estate Agent is Uncompromising

Being an uncompromising Real Estate Agent means you are determined, tenacious and resolute.  You are focused and driven with your career.  In our society, often times women are “expected” to compromise or bend.  We are expected to lower our standards or not fully stand up for what we believe in or fight for what we want.  As a woman Real Estate Agent..YOU HAVE TO GO IT without compromising!  BADASS Real Estate Agents set their sights on growing prosperous real estate careers that serve and bless others.

You will encounter plenty of opportunities to compromise in your business.  There will be instances where you can cut corners, cheat, lie and even do “shady” deals.  The real estate industry breeds dishonesty like any other industry.  You must exercise your integrity with every deal, with every client, every time.  No exceptions.

When you do business with men, there are instances where he may be attracted to you.  He may flirt with you during the transaction.  Your male client may want to take you to a “friendly” lunch or dinner.  Be careful not to compromise.  You will have married couples as clients.  Be extra careful not to favor the husband over the wife; don’t show him favoritism.  Stick to your standards, boundaries and guidelines that you’ve set for yourself and your business.  BADASS Real Estate Agents don’t compromise their integrity or reputation to get deals done.  Period.

Uncompromising also means unbending, iron-willed and headstrong.  BADASS women Real Estate Agents must employ this skill set when it comes to our safety.  Under no circumstance should you intentionally compromise your safety and well being for the sake of “getting the deal” or “making money.”  Keep in mind that as Realtors, we serve the general public.  You don’t always know the intentions of that person on the other side of the computer or phone call.  All you know is what you’re told.  Therefore, you’ve got to trust and rely on your personal instincts.

If something feels strange, dangerous or risky; trust that feeling.

When you’re an uncompromising Real Estate Agent; you put measures in place to protect yourself as best as possible.  You don’t run out to show a home to someone that just called who “has to see it immediately.”  Slow down and properly vet that individual.  Always be sure to let someone else know where you will be and what addresses you will be showing.  Learn self-defense and how to fight.  And, even get your permit to carry (if you feel comfortable).  Generally, being a woman Real Estate Agent is safe.  However, it’s when we let our guards down that we start to compromise.

Being a BADASS Real Estate Agent is uncompromising!


Being a Real Estate Agent is Impressive

Being a Real Estate Agent is not impressive for the sake of being impressive.  What makes you impressive as a woman Real Estate Agent is your ability to balance your toughness, your integrity and empathy for the people that you serve.  Being BADASS also means being kind, thoughtful, understanding and compassionate.  You understand that treating people the way you want to be treated is a Golden Rule.

You’re a licensed professional and that means something.  It means you have the ability to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.  No one can take your license away from you; you earned it.  You have the ability to create wealth for yourself, family and to employ others.  We call you impressive, because you have a skill that allows you the opportunity to move real estate by the millions and to even build your own real estate empire for yourself.

Women Real Estate Agents are impressive, because we come from all walks of life.  Many of us are in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond our 60’s.  Plenty of us came from various employment backgrounds.  We’re teachers, nurses, bankers, receptionists, salespersons, hair stylists and so much more.  There are stay at home mothers, retirees and those that are changing careers mid-life.  All of our unique backgrounds and experiences make us uniquely qualified to serve as BADASS Real Estate Agents!

Girl, you impress me, because you are the vessel that connects individuals and families to the American Dream of owning a home:)  This seems like everyday run of the mill stuff, but when you hand the keys to a first time home buyer that is 55 years old…trust me, the fulfillment is ENORMOUS! 

You get to make life-changing, real estate transactions regularly as your career…you are BADASS, girl!


One Final Thought…

Being a Real Estate Agent is BADASS!!!



Be Brave!

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